Procurement of materials and purchasing

Accelerated material procurement and purchasing

When planning is finally completed and the full digital description and resulting parts lists of components and modules have been created, the data is transferred to the subsequent processes for procurement and purchasing. To enable a continuous digital connection here as well, we offer suitable software solutions that ensure error-free and secure data transmission.

Here, it is often not only important to transfer parts lists to the ERP system, but also to quickly provide information about availability, individual pricing, and similar, all of which speeds up and simplifies the overall process.

Procurement process with a comprehensive database

Direct data transfer from the comprehensive digital description of the control cabinet to the systems for the procurement process can be a significant advantage here by helping to prevent errors, save time, and thus increase efficiency. The data of the configurated solutions can also be transferred directly to the respective online shop. There the information about price, availability and delivery time is immediately displayed.

The Eplan Integration Suite creates the interfaces to all systems involved in the process.

Terminal strips are planned using PROJECT complete. They can be ordered easily thanks to the link to the Phoenix Contact online shop. Rittal customers can also benefit from digital processes: from integration and virtual product configuration right through to ordering via the Rittal online shop. The Eplan Integration Suite establishes connections to all systems involved in the process.

Your advantages for greater efficiency:

  • Direct connection between planning systems and ERP and PDM systems enables bidirectional data exchange

  • Digitally integrated interfaces enable error-free and rapid processes

  • Integrated configurators enable the provision of individual information – quickly and verified by a plausibility check

The digital representation of the complete enclosure forms the “single source of truth” for production.
(Thorsten Freytag, Produktmanager Value Chain & Digitalization, Rittal)

Phoenix Contact PROJECT complete

  • The planning and marking software supports all phases of terminal strip configuration and provides individual and convenient process support, from electrical planning through to delivery of the finished product.

  • The terminal strips are ordered directly via PROJECT complete (currently only available in Germany).

  • Parts lists are transferred to the Phoenix Contact online shop, where the price calculation and availability information is displayed straight away.

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Phoenix Contact clipx ENGINEER

  • The clipx ENGINEER engineering software makes it possible to plan and procure terminal strips, assembled mounting plates, and junction boxes more efficiently than ever, and to seamlessly transfer the data to production – at every workplace.

  • Order your items directly from the software package via the connection to the Phoenix Contact online shop.

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Rittal RiPanel

  • Easy selection of an enclosure system

  • Error-free accessory selection with verification checks, visual presentation and positioning in the 3D model

  • Add machining options incl. CAD import of customer specific cut-outs

  • Automatic generation of technical data and direct submission of an enquiry or order

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Rittal online Shop

  • Order the appropriate product quickly and easily online and conveniently track orders

  • Display of prices, including individual discount

  • Import shopping carts into your own e-procurement system via OCI interface

  • CAD drawings in numerous different formats can be selected for each product

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Phoenix Contact online Shop

  • Order products and configured terminal strips

  • Immediate price calculation and information on the availability of the products

  • Manage individual items and price lists

  • Convenient order tracking

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Eplan Integration Suite

  • Integrate Eplan data into existing ERP, PDM, and PLM system landscapes

  • Greater transparency in the overall product development process

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Phoenix Contact printing service

  • Customer-specific markings can be created quickly and easily with PROJECT complete and ordered online.

  • All materials that can be marked according to customer requirements are indicated with the “Printed for you” symbol and are available on our website for you to specify your individual printing requirements.

  • You can use marking materials in UniCard and UniSheet format as well as metal labels for color printing.

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