Operation / service

Current status can always be determined

Status data, process data, and parameterizations can be managed via cloud-based services during active control cabinet operation. Clear component marking with a QR code or RFID tag enables easy identification on site via an app.

Smart Services for operation

Smart Services like the Device Management Service from Phoenix Contact enable smart devices to be managed and monitored via PROFICLOUD – anytime, anywhere. The Rittal Smart Service Portal enables service processes to be increasingly automated. With Eplan eView, up-to-date machine and system documentation is always available in the cloud during servicing.

Your advantages for greater efficiency:

  • Solutions for control cabinet operation for the implementation of predictive maintenance and efficient maintenance processes

  • Current operating status always available at a glance

  • Cloud-based status management and app-based identification on site enable quick action to be taken during servicing

Digital redlining and greenlining enable a consistent exchange of information between engineering and production.
(Phillip Falkenhagen, Produktmanager Value Chain & Digitalization, Eplan)

Phoenix Contact PROFICLOUD

  • Comprehensive cloud solution for smart devices

  • Smooth entry into the world of digitalization with ready-to-use IoT solutions

  • Flexible access to data with Smart Services

  • Easy expansion and scalability with dynamic IT resources

  • Secure communication between the smart devices and Proficloud via TLS encryption

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Rittal scan & service app

  • Faster parameterization and commissioning of cooling units

  • Work more time-efficiently with fast copy (copy settings 1:1 to other cooling units)

  • Create and send service messages

  • Create and send product comparisons from accessories and spare parts

  • Quick overview of all product information

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Phoenix Contact Smart Services

  • Smart devices from Phoenix Contact can be managed and monitored via the Device Management Service – anytime, anywhere

  • Direct overview of device information, such as the device type, serial number, and installed firmware and hardware version, in the form of a digital rating plate

  • State of health (SoH) and connection status, plus current and historical logs, are always visible at a glance

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Eplan eView

  • Digital review of circuit diagrams with redlining and greenlining

  • Location-independent single source of truth for defined users

  • Circuit diagrams are always up-to-date, even after project completion

  • Data security ensured by the Eplan Trust Center

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Phoenix Contact smart devices

  • With the IoT-capable EMpro, data can be sent directly and securely to the cloud via a router. This enables flexible access to measured data and component data thanks to Proficloud Smart Services.

  • ImpulseCheck is the intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection. The module can be used to measure the state of health (SoH) of every single protective device via cloud connection. Thanks to real-time measurement of surge currents and transient overvoltages, it is possible to continuously monitor the condition of the system and surge protection.

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Phoenix Contact THERMOMARK GO

  • Create markings on site: control the label printer via a smartphone or tablet

  • Modern interfaces: connect the smart device via Bluetooth or NFC

  • Intuitive label configuration: MARKING system app guides users through the marking process

  • Marking made easy: automatic material recognition prevents printing errors

  • Large variety of applications: more than 100 materials with pre-punched labels and continuous media

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Phoenix Contact MARKING system services

  • Smooth operation, thanks to professional installation and training on site

  • Devices are always in top condition, thanks to regular maintenance

  • Sustainable marking concept, thanks to the repair service which uses original parts

  • Reliable support from the Technical Support team

  • No downtimes, as leased devices are provided during repair and maintenance work, or at peak order times if additional capacity is required

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Phoenix Contact QUINT POWER customized parameterization

  • With the QUINT POWER app for your mobile end device or the QUINT POWER software for your PC, you can parameterize your power supply easily and precisely

  • Set signaling thresholds and the output voltage

  • Adapt characteristic curves individually

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Phoenix Contact Services automatic devices

  • Expert consultation on the products and applications

  • Support during commissioning and instruction by phone, online, or on-site

  • Professional repair, maintenance, and calibration service

  • Provision of devices on loan

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Rittal ePOCKET

  • Central storage of machine documentation (digital wiring plan pocket)

  • Fully digital process representation

  • Always work with the latest version of documentation

  • Tracking of changes in the project, including notifications

  • Access to projects or documents via QR codes

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