Digital support for manual product testing

Many quality tests can already be performed digitally. However, when it comes to testing the actual function and installation, this is still carried out on the real end product. Software-based assistance systems and digital models enable guided testing of the end product.

Digital quality assurance

Eplan Smart Wiring enables tests to be performed with automated logging in the control cabinet wiring. Quality assurance is therefore supported digitally through integration in the workflow.

Your advantages for greater efficiency:

  • Intelligent assistance system for testing the wiring

  • Digitally supported tests provide quality assurance for the end product

Digital support and logging of functional and quality testing ensure safety.
(Jan-Henry Schall, Head of Technical Trainings & Rittal Innovation Center, Rittal)

Eplan Smart Mounting

  • Digital worker guidance for mounting mechanical and electrical components in the control cabinet

  • Workers are guided step-by-step through the manual activities and receive visual support in 3D at each step

  • Central order management and progress overview for workers and production management

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Eplan Smart Wiring

  • Step-by-step guide for easy wiring without a circuit diagram

  • From the terminal point to the exact installation route, all the necessary information is provided in digital form – also in 3D if required

  • Status information facilitates project handover between different employees and enables project monitoring

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Eplan eView

  • Digital review of circuit diagrams with redlining and greenlining

  • Location-independent single source of truth for defined users

  • Circuit diagrams are always up-to-date, even after project completion

  • Data security ensured by the Eplan Trust Center

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Phoenix Contact Testing and measuring equipment

  • The high-quality voltage tester offer impressive robustness and multifunctional applications.

  • Our products are tested and approved in accordance with the applicable national and international standards.

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