Tailored hardware and software solutions

Using software that is optimally tailored to the hardware used enables fast product startup. Furthermore, faster communication is possible between engineering and manufacturing based on standardized data for individual products.

Easy programming

PLCnext Engineer is the flexible PLC programming software for the PLC generation with PLCnext Technology. It combines all of the basic functions needed for configuration, programming, visualization, and diagnostics.

Your advantages for greater efficiency:

  • Optimally coordinated portfolio of software and manufacturing solutions

  • Seamless communication between engineering and manufacturing based on standardized data for individual products

Digital redlining and greenlining enable a consistent exchange of information between engineering and production.
(Dr. Andreas Schreiber, Vice President Industrial Cabinet Solutions, Phoenix Contact)

Eplan eView

  • Digital review of circuit diagrams with redlining and greenlining

  • Location-independent single source of truth for defined users

  • Circuit diagrams are always up-to-date, even after project completion

  • Data security ensured by the Eplan Trust Center

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Phoenix Contact PLCnext Engineer

  • Engineering software platform for Phoenix Contact automation controllers.

  • Fast startup with intuitive operation, easily diagnosable controller status, and online verification of input and output signals.

  • Flexible engineering through the integration of individual add-in functions in the free basic version

  • Secure programming, certified in accordance with IEC 61508

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Phoenix Contact QUINT POWER customized parameterization

  • With the QUINT POWER app for your mobile end device or the QUINT POWER software for your PC, you can parameterize your power supply easily and precisely

  • Set signaling thresholds and the output voltage

  • Adapt characteristic curves individually

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Rittal ePOCKET

  • Central storage of machine documentation (digital wiring plan pocket)

  • Fully digital process representation

  • Always work with the latest version of documentation

  • Tracking of changes in the project, including notifications

  • Access to projects or documents via QR codes

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