Virtual assistant simplifies manual mounting

Software-based assistance systems provide support when assembling and installing wiring connections. All the necessary data for mounting control cabinet modules, such as terminal strips, is provided as required. Manual mounting activities are also supported by smart solutions.

Wiring and handling made easy

Eplan Smart Wiring guides the worker through the wiring process step by step. They have an overview of everything, even without a circuit diagram. The same is true for scenarios where multiple control cabinets are wired in parallel or different colleagues work on the same project. The required wires are assembled at the Rittal Wire Terminal. Handling systems such as the Rittal assembly frame and the Smart Lifter provide support for manual activities.

Your advantages for greater efficiency:

  • Manufacturing and installation processes are much simpler

  • Easy monitoring and documentation

  • Convenient solutions make it easier to perform manual mounting activities

Digital data-enabled assistance systems are the key to secure and efficient assembly processes.
(Phillip Falkenhagen, Head of BO Rapid Design, Eplan)

Eplan Smart Mounting

  • Digital worker guidance for mounting mechanical and electrical components in the control cabinet

  • Workers are guided step-by-step through the manual activities and receive visual support in 3D at each step

  • Central order management and progress overview for workers and production management

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Eplan Smart Wiring

  • Step-by-step guide for easy wiring without a circuit diagram

  • From the terminal point to the exact installation route, all the necessary information is provided in digital form – also in 3D if required

  • Status information facilitates project handover between different employees and enables project monitoring

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Eplan eView

  • Digital review of circuit diagrams with redlining and greenlining

  • Location-independent single source of truth for defined users

  • Circuit diagrams are always up-to-date, even after project completion

  • Data security ensured by the Eplan Trust Center

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Rittal assembly frames

  • Easy and variable fixing of mounting plates with a quick-release fastener

  • Minimal space requirements when not in use

  • Individually positionable in the workshop due to being independent from the power grid

  • Easy handling due to four castors including total lock function

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Rittal Wire Station

  • Flexible and efficient use for assembly and wiring activities in the workshop

  • Electrically adjustable height for ergonomic work

  • Multiplex worktop with integrated ruler

  • Workstation with integrated socket strip and shadow board for Rittal tools

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Rittal Smart Lifter

  • Easy transportation of bayed control cabinets in the workshop or at the installation site

  • Supports the simple mounting of bases beneath control cabinets

  • Flexible use for control cabinets of different depths, thanks to adjustable forks

  • Ergonomic lifting and lowering with a torque crank

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Phoenix Contact Hand tools

  • Cutting, stripping, crimping, mounting, and measuring – Phoenix Contact provides you with the best hand tools for every application in electrical engineering.

  • Discover the high-quality processing and measuring tools from our tools product range.

  • As a system supplier, we have a range of products that includes standardized ferrules and connectors and crimping tools designed to work with them for reliable wire preparation.

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Phoenix Contact clipx WIRE assist

  • The worker assistance system for efficient wire preparation

  • Modular workplace design, mobile work possible, and optimal positioning of tools and automatic devices

  • Convenient use through intuitive user interfaces and simple CAE data transfer

  • Process reliability through software-supported wire preparation with direct device control

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Phoenix Contact clipx WIRE assist Software

  • The necessary wiring information is exported from Eplan PRO Panel and fed into the clipx WIRE assist software.

  • Based on this data, the clipx WIRE assist software guides the worker through the semi-automated wire preparation process.

  • At the same time, the devices in the worker assistance system are controlled directly and the necessary information for further processing and wiring is displayed on the monitor.

  • In addition, an integrated editor function also allows data to be created or supplemented manually.

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Phoenix Contact labeling and application systems

  • For the first time ever, the THERMOMARK E SERIES marking system combines and automates several process steps in the identification process, thereby enabling a considerable increase in efficiency in this time-consuming undertaking.

  • Time savings of around 60% with printing and application in a single process step.

  • Flexible response with the modular system comprised of a standard thermal transfer printer and four applicators for different identification solutions.

  • Consistent digital workflows.

  • Easy handling and constantly high quality with the automated process.

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Phoenix Contact tool-free wiring

  • Maximum ease of use thanks to the force-saving Push-X and Push-in technology

  • Reduced assembly times - due to the clever spring design, direct wiring is possible without tools

  • High flexibility in conductor selection - with Push-X and Push-in, both rigid and flexible conductors can be wired effortlessly

  • Full compatibility with the CLIPLINE complete modular terminal block system enables the use of standardized accessories

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