Digital all the way to production

All manufacturing steps are automatically derived from the information for the virtual prototype. All the necessary machine programs can be created automatically through direct communication with the Human Machine Interfaces of modern automation solutions. Manual manufacturing is also supported digitally.

From the digital twin to the real product

The digital twin provides input for manufacturing systems such as Rittal Perforex and various semi-automated machines, fully automated wire processing machines, and printing systems. Data can also be used for additional services, such as Phoenix Contact’s terminal strip service.

Your advantages for greater efficiency:

  • Intelligent support of manual manufacturing processes

  • Automation solutions for cost efficiency and high product quality

  • Flexible services for custom order situations

The seamless interplay between design engineering and configuration ensures simple and error-free construction of the complete enclosure.
(Thorsten Freytag, Product Manager Value Chain Digitalization, Rittal)

Rittal Perforex MT

  • Fully automated hole-drilling, thread-tapping, and milling of cut-outs and housings with the

  • Convenient data import of common CAD systems and planning tools such as .dxf, Eplan Pro Panel, RiPanel Processing Center and Rittal Configuration System

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Rittal Perforex LC

  • 3D-Bearbeitung von pulverbeschichteten Stahlblech- und Edelstahlgehäusen sowie Montageplatten, Türen, Seitenwänden und Dachblechen

  • Einfache Datenübernahme gängiger CAD Systeme und Planungstools wie .dxf, Eplan Pro Panel und Rittal Configuration System

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Phoenix Contact PROJECT complete

  • The planning and marking software guides you through all phases of terminal strip configuration

  • Provides digital documents for terminal strip production

  • Integration with interfaces to all common CAE programs

  • Intuitive software operation with customizable user interface

  • Ordering of terminal strips in real time with direct connection to the Phoenix Contact e-shop

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Phoenix Contact automatic devices

  • Cutting, stripping, and crimping: automating these steps provides cost-effective advantages, even for small and medium-sized batches

  • High functionality, fast setup times, and consistently high-quality results

  • Easy startup with Plug and Play and intuitive operation

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Rittal cutting center Secarex

  • Fast and precise cutting of cable ducts and DIN rails

  • Project-specific marking with the integrated label printer

  • Cutting process optimized across multiple projects

  • Interface to EPLAN software and Perforex machinery

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Rittal busbar machining CW 120

  • Bending, punching, and cutting of copper and aluminum busbars

  • Flexible and easy handling, high bending and punching precision, efficient and ergonomic operation, easy tool change

  • The integral precision laser facilitates the cutting and bending process

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Phoenix Contact clipx WIRE assist

  • The worker assistance system for efficient conductor preparation

  • Modular workstation design, mobile use, and optimum positioning of automatic devices, tools, and material

  • Convenient application with intuitive user interfaces and simple CAE data transfer

  • Process reliability, thanks to software-supported conductor preparation with direct device control

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Phoenix Contact marking systems

  • Create markings easily: whether with a laser marker, high-speed printer with UV LED technology or a thermal transfer printer

  • Wide range of marking technologies provide the right solution for marking terminals, wires and cables, equipment, and plants

  • The right solution for every application in industrial identification, thanks to various marking materials

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Rittal Wire Terminal WT C

  • Fully automated wire end processing with ferrules

  • Management of up to 36 different wires and sequential or order-specific wire output in an ordering system

  • Full networking from the E-CAD tool through to the manufacturing processes

  • The assembled wires can be processed via EPLAN Smart Wiring

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Rittal semi-automated machines

  • Assembly of wiring cables: cutting, stripping, and crimping

  • Pneumatically or electrically driven cable assembly

  • Interfaces to the PC or to CAE data in EPLAN Pro Panel (depending on the model)

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Phoenix Contact terminal strip service

  • Supply of pre-mounted and marked terminal strips including accessories, ready for installation and connection.

  • The terminal strip service provides help in managing order peaks flexibly, and enables terminal strips to be supplied just in time for series production.

  • Terminal strip configuration via the PROJECT complete configuration software with online transfer of the parts lists to the Phoenix Contact e-shop.

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Phoenix Contact marking app for smartphone and tablet

  • Intuitive operation: The THERMOMARK GO can be fully operated with the MARKING system app

  • Application Guide: with just a few clicks, get easy and efficient the right marking solution

  • The app is available for Android and iOS

  • Automatic updates: the latest software version available at any time

  • Guided creation of application-specific and standard-compliant labeling solutions

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Phoenix Contact clipx WIRE assist Software

  • The necessary wiring information is exported from Eplan PRO Panel and fed into the clipx WIRE assist software.

  • Based on this data, the clipx WIRE assist software guides the worker through the semi-automated wire preparation process.

  • At the same time, the devices in the worker assistance system are controlled directly and the necessary information for further processing and wiring is displayed on the monitor.

  • In addition, an integrated editor function also allows data to be created or supplemented manually.

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Phoenix Contact Hand tools

  • Cutting, stripping, crimping, mounting, and measuring – Phoenix Contact provides you with the best hand tools for every application in electrical engineering.

  • Discover the high-quality processing and measuring tools from our tools product range.

  • As a system supplier, we have a range of products that includes standardized ferrules and connectors and crimping tools designed to work with them for reliable processing.

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Phoenix Contact Wire duct and DIN rail cutters

  • With the profile and DIN rail cutters from Phoenix Contact, you can cut a wide variety of DIN rails and wiring ducts quickly, without much effort, and with precision.

  • Ensure a clean and safe work environment: Cut plastic or metal profiles without burrs.

  • Follow-up work, like deburring when sawing, is not necessary.

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