Basic Engineering

The first step – from the initial idea to the finished product

Entry into the engineering process for a machine or system is defined in preplanning. The initial data is acquired at the earliest possible opportunity and is always refined further. The initial steps for component use in machine design are also defined.

Seamless integration for subsequent planning steps

The basic data is processed in Eplan Preplanning, with seamless transfer to detail planning. Use of the initial components is also defined. Using configurations from the Rittal Configuration System, the CAD data is extracted and used for further processing.

Your advantages for greater efficiency:

  • Customizable series portfolio with high availability

  • Use Eplan Preplanning to acquire engineering data, including sensor and actuator technology, at the earliest possible opportunity and utilize it across processes

  • Configure and order products and corresponding accessories quickly and easily with the Rittal RiPanel

Digital data already supports engineering at an early planning and design stage.
(Jan-Henry Schall, Head of Technical Trainings & Rittal Innovation Center, Rittal)

Eplan Preplanning

  • Acquire structured engineering data from the beginning of the preplanning phase

  • Import data from external sources, obtain graphical system or machine overviews

  • Create data sheets or specifications for material procurement quickly

  • Access the data collected in preplanning at any point in the engineering process

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Rittal RiPanel

  • Easy selection of an enclosure system

  • Error-free accessory selection with verification checks, visual presentation and positioning in the 3D model

  • Add machining options incl. CAD import of customer specific cut-outs

  • Automatic generation of technical data and direct submission of an enquiry or order

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Eplan eBuild

  • Automatically create schematics based on Eplan macro technology

  • Design standards are available worldwide via the Eplan Cloud environment

  • Easily enter requirements via the self-explanatory configuration interface

  • Access to ready-made libraries from Phoenix Contact with the free version, Eplan eBuild Free

  • Getting started is possible without in-depth expert knowledge, IT or programming effort

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Phoenix Contact clipx ENGINEER

  • The clipx ENGINEER engineering software makes it possible to plan and procure terminal strips, assembled mounting plates, and junction boxes more efficiently than ever, and to seamlessly transfer the data to production – at every workplace.

  • Create your function groups more efficiently with the use of functional engineering.

  • Complete your electronics planning through automation with the necessary accessories.

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